Corporate Philosophy

Pacific clearly recognizes that customer is paramount, and that all actions and strategies must be directed toward providing an enhanced merchandise offering and better service to targeted consumers.

Aggressive implementation of the company's strategies, as well as careful and thorough planning, will provide Pacific with an important competitive edge.

Pacific is committed to open and honest communications with employees, shareholders, customers, analysts and the news media. The company will be proactive in sharing information and in keeping these key stakeholders groups up-to-date on important and material developments.
Corporate Objectives

The corporate objectives of Pacific Exports are:

To accelerate sales growth and identify strategic growth opportunities that are consistent with the company's business objectives

To continue to increase the company's profitability levels. This is being accomplished through a more coordinated, centralized and common approach to running the business, and trough disciplined, consistent and un diverted attention to execution in all aspects of the company's operation. The company continues to be focused on reducing its cost structure.

Corporate Strategies

The following areas of strategic focus continue to be the foundation of Pacific's long range business plans,

Team Process
Inventory Management
Cost Reduction
Capital Spending
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